Confession Time

No, this is not the point that we set up a booth and encourage you to come in and tell us what you've been up to!  Over the last while we've been running a series in our newsletter looking at the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Church's subordinate standard, what it is and what it teaches us.  We thought it might be useful to include these articles on the website for anyone who hasn't seen them or doesn't keep all their old newsletters to hand!

The series is not definitive and doesn't cover everything the Confession teaches, it's just a quick look at some areas.  We'd encourage you to get your hands on a copy or read it online and familiarise yourselves with it.  We hope you find these articles helpful.

Part 1 - What is the Confession

Part 2 - The Bible

Part 3 - God

Part 4 - Where Did It All Go Wrong

Part 5 - Putting things Right

Part 6 - The Church

Part 7 - The Sacraments

Part 8 - God's Law, Civil Law and Christian Liberty

Part 9 - Worship