our vision

We believe that our calling as a church can be summarised by our simple four word vision

worship - share - serve - send


We recognise that God is great, and we are not.  We worship God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) because we believe that this is the primary purpose for which he created humanity.  Our worship is centred on God's good news of grace through Jesus Christ.  We believe in the priority of preaching.  We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and that where it is faithfully preached, we hear God speak.  Worship is more than just the songs we sing, or even what we do when we meet together on a Sunday.  Rather, Worship is to be the way we live.  We are therefore committed to being a community of Jesus disciples with a passion for his glory as we share, serve and send.


The Gospel is good news for everyone.  Evangelism is the sharing of that good news.  We desire to be a people who continually share the good news to one another, to our community and to the world.  We want to do this using every means at our disposal.  We therefore seek to be a people who reflect the diversity of the community in which we live, with all ages and cultural backgrounds represented.


 The Bible describes the church as a body of which every believer is a part.  Our vision is for every believer to use their time, energy and gifts to serve as part of Christ's church in our community.  Jesus calls his people to love one another as he has loved us, this is our defining mark.  We therefore come together in worship to study the Word of God, pray, foster relationships and grow in love for him and each other as we serve together.


We want to be a church which equips every member to serve Jesus, going out into the community and beyond in ministry and mission work of various kinds.  Our desire is to be a resourcing church that helps equip our wider denomination and other Gospel partners, sending support in every way we can.  By this we seek to play our part in Jesus' Great Commission.