Confession Time

Part 5 - Putting It Right 

In our previous look at the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCoF), we looked at Where It All Went Wrong, what the Confession teaches about the fall and our sin. This time around we are going to look at how God fixes our mistakes.

If we have all sinned, and the result of sin is death, then what hope does anyone have?  In and of ourselves, none, but the Confession reminds us that the Bible teaches that God has chosen some to call to himself.  Nothing that any of us can do do can win God’s favour, but he gives it freely.  


Those he chooses, the Confession tells us, he justifies.  This basically means that he declares them righteous.  That doesn't mean that they are righteous or even that they become righteous, but rather that when God looks at them he sees Christ’s righteousness rather than their sin.  And that is all that is required.  By his sacrifice on the cross, Jesus made sufficient atonement to pay for all of the sins of those who, through God’s calling, have faith in him.  There is nothing left over for us to pay for, and nothing we can do to top things up.  There is also nothing we can do to mess things up.  Christ’s sacrifice not only paid for all the sins committed before we were saved, but also those which we go on to commit afterwards.  We cannot lose our salvation once we have it.


Through his willing and perfect sacrifice, christ has sufficiently paid for all the sins of those called by God, reconciling us to him, repairing the damage of the fall and securing us an everlasting inheritance and and eternal home with him.  No amount of good works can earn our salvation, although they should flow from it (we will likely look at this in a later study). Our salvation is a result of Chirst’s work and our faith in him - and even that faith is a gift from God.

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