5x50 (xFerg)

Between 28 October and 16 December David Ferguson (Ferg) - our Office Manager and one of our Elders - will be undertaking the 5x50 challenge to raise money for Rosskeen Free Church. This challenge entails undertaking 5 Kilometers of distance based activity every day for 50 days, totaling 250K across the challenge (155 1/3 miles, in old money).

It is intended that any monies raised will go towards our staffing costs (so David has a bit of extra motivation to keep up the challenge on chilly winter mornings!)

If you would like to sponsor him, you can send donations or pledges to the church office, marked 5x50xFerg. Additionally sponsor forms will be available at the church, Capstone and the office He hopes to post regular progress updates to the church twitter account with the hashtag #5x50xFerg

If you fancy trying the 5x50 challenge yourself, you can sign up at 5x50.org

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